First look of Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak released

First look of Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak released

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MUMBAI: The first look of Deepika Padukone from Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak was released and the internet cannot stop raving over her drastic transformation. And rightly so, as it is just not about the incredible detail in her prosthetics but also her eyes that emote a powerful message. It’s like you can see the pain, sadness but equally also see a ray of hope twinkling in that intense gaze. Deepika Padukone is probably in one of the best phase of her career and this definitely seems like a step in the right direction.

From being attacked with acid, to being abandoned by her live-in partner, to staying without work for a year to struggling to provide for her little daughter, Laxmi Agarwal has come a long way and we will get a little glimpse of her triumph with Chhapaak.

Born to a middle class family in Delhi, Laxmi’s life was like any other teenager growing up in the city. However, in 2005, a long-time stalker and a man twice her age, threw a beer bottle loaded with acid on her for rejecting his advances. And ever since then, she has had to undergo multiple surgeries and more importantly also deal with the emotional scars that comes after a horrific experience like this.

She then lead a campaign which protested against the sale of acid in india and also made provisions for cheaper treatment. She credits her father for inspiring her to file a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court a year after the attack alongside another survivor Rupa. In March 2014, she had won the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award for her valiant efforts for acid attack survivors, with the then First Lady Michelle Obama presenting it to her.

Her story has been a source of inspiration not only to people in our country but millions across the world and we just cannot wait to watch Deepika Padukone portray this real life warrior’s story on the big screen.

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