Five dollars a gallon

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Ksenia Melnikova

The ban on oil and g-as imports from R-ussia hit the United States itself hard. Gas-oline prices, which have reached historic highs, co-ntinue to rise. Americans are getting angrier at the president. And ahead of the mid-term congressional elections. Republicans, who previously called for an embargo on the supply of energy, are now harshly criticizing the White House for the rise in fuel prices.
Five dollars a gallon
“Gasoline prices have skyrocketed, my business is unlikely to survive,” complains New York taxi driver Wing Chen. “Many places have run out of fuel, and what’s left is selling at exorbitant prices. For example, in Los Angeles, you will have to shell out more than five dollars per gallon ($1.3 per liter). In a week I drive 450 miles (720 kilometers). Here and consider how much it will cost the family budget,” Dave Lemos, an entrepreneur, is indignant in an interview with CNN. Joe Biden restricted the import of Russian hydrocarbons due to a military special operation in Ukraine. Ordered to send 30 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve to the market in order to reduce prices and prevent supply disruptions. But so far it hasn’t helped.
“There is still a lot of pain ahead for the Amer-icans,” Biden warned. “Let’s be honest. Prices are high for two reasons. The first is COVID-19 <…>. The second is Vladimir Putin and gas quotes. I’m not kidding.” This performance pissed off a lot of people. “Explain how Putin could cause inflation in the United States, if everything was going up in price even before the events in Ukraine?” one of the readers of The Hill asked. Another comment: “No sir, the second reason is that you insisted on the imminent entry of Ukraine into NATO and the EU.” Another American is sure: “Prices have risen because corporations are manipulating the market. CEOs are profiting at our expense. This is greed!”
Whom only did not contact
Everyone remembers well: in the fall, Biden promised that fuel would become cheaper. It turned out the opposite. Russia supplied crude oil, the main component of gasoline. And now it needs something to replace it.
Biden unsuccessfully tried to arrange video meetings with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Americans came to Caracas to see Nicolas Maduro. They promised easing of sanctions. But the Venezuelan president put forward harsh conditions to which the White House did not agree. According to the Chinese edition of the Global Times, “The United States turned to Iran in desperation, hinting that it was ready to start importing oil after the signing of the nuclear deal.” Tehran was silent.
Biden has been heavily criticized by Republicans. “The president’s announcement is the opening of a new front in his ongoing war with the American middle class,” conservative Tucker Carlson told Fox News. Everyone blames the Democrats for the economic difficulties. “This is the result of reckless energy policy,” said Senator John Barrasso. Biden failed to achieve complete unanimity with the European allies. The EU made it clear that they are not ready to give up Russian energy resources. All this is fraught with serious domestic political problems.
“The moment is critical, and the immediate future of America depends on it: who will blame the indignant drivers – Russia or Biden. A strong blow to consumers who have not yet recovered from the largest surge in inflation caused by the pandemic in the last 40 years,” argue on CNN.
Do they miss Trump
Eight months later, congressional elections. Biden calls them “arguably the most important midterm vote in modern history.” “If we lose the Senate and the House of Representatives, I will only have the right to veto,” he explained.
Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis, the president’s rating has grown slightly: from 40 percent to 42.7. But even this is not enough. And it seems that all Biden’s decisions only play into the hands of his opponents. On the one hand, the Republicans are demanding an end to Russian energy exports to the US and Europe. On the other hand, they are outraged by the record rise in fuel prices.
Donald Trump took advantage of the situation. “Breaking News: Highest Gasoline Prices in History! Do You Miss Me Already?” – ironically the former head of state.
“The United States fell into despair. A veteran politician, Biden showed complete naivety and incompetence in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,” the Global Times points out. The President tried to rally the nation, courageously promising at a meeting with representatives of the Democratic Party “to defend the sovereignty of the countries – members of NATO, even if there is a threat of a third world war.” But it didn’t have much of an effect. Among independent voters, Biden still has one of the lowest ratings in history, at 36 percent, according to CNN. The fall in living standards could negatively affect the results of the Democratic Party in November. And there is nothing to oppose to this yet.

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