Five million jobs created so far: Karine

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Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Deputy Press Secretary of the White House, Karine Jean Pierre stated that under Biden administration so far five million jobs have been created in America which shows how hard this administration is working to get the American economy back on track.

Addressing a daily press briefing Karine stated that 80% Americans are vaccinated and millions of doses of the vaccination have been donated around the world.

Regarding the kidnapped Americans in Haiti, Karine stated that State Department along with FBI have been taking care of the issue and a team has been sent to resolve the issue.

Regarding tax reforms, Karine said that Biden administration thinks that it is very unfair that teachers and fire fighters are paying more taxes than big cooperate companies and therefore steps are being taken to bring reforms where these big companies can not get away from paying taxes.

In response to clean energy, Karine said that clean energy and environment are top agendas of President Biden and he is working hard to introduce cheaper electric vehicles and solar energy which will naturally reduce the emission level. Karen clarified that President Biden will work with the Congress in this regard.

While answering a question about the hike in daily house hold items, Karine said that the supply chain hurdle can be seen all around the world including the US and that President is well aware of the issue and has held several meetings in this regard including with different ports and transportations companies.

Regarding China, Karine said that “we have shown our concerns and the tension it is creating in the region.”

While referring to her purple dress, Karine said that she along with several other White House staffers are wearing purple to show solidarity with those who are effected because of domestic violence. She further said that Covid has increased domestic violence and every effort is needed to condemn domestic violence and show support for those who have stood against it and sympathize with those who have been targeted.

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