Flood in Shadman town

Written by The Frontier Post

Hasan Muaavia

They say rain is a blessing from Allah.

In Karachi there are more than a dozen natural drains (big nallahs) that used to flow during rains and carried the water into the sea and creaks. As our city Karachi¬¬expanded in an undesigned manner, the storm water drains were transformed into sewerage trunks in our area (Shadman Town). When the rain water mixes with sewerage water it overflows from the small street (gali) to the main streets (main roads).

Continuous Raining and sewerage overflowing fill the whole Shadman town Karachi in a garbage and dirty flood. Severe weather and extraordinary rainfall have also taken so many innocent lives in our area. Kids could drown in such a fast and heavy flowing flood in Shadman town Karachi. People couldn’t reach their homes returning from their offices because our Shadman town is drowned. Overflow of sewage and rainwater becomes heavy Flood entering in houses near Buffer Zone and Nagan Chowrangi and Shadman Town 14A houses. This unmerciful flood also enters in Sakhihasan old graveyard and all the graves are sinking. Residents of the area were seen seeking help and moving stuff in knee-deep water. The wall of an apartment in Shadman Town collapsed after flood hit the wall and people were stranded. Shadman town doesn’t look like an urban area; it looks more like a river in the rain.

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