Flood threat in Punjab rises due to rains, Indian water flow

LAHORE (PPI): Due to torrential rains in the country and India’s water aggression, rivers in Punjab are facing a potent flood threat as water level is rising in Ravi, Chenab and Sutlej, according to a report on Monday.
Water level is constantly rising in River Ravi. The 150,000 cusecs water is likely to pass through the Ravi in the evening. The local administration has deployed rescue officials, civil and defence divers near the river beds. On the direction of Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi, the encroachments are being removed along the river bank and evacuation is being made where it is necessary. Floodwater entered fields in Narowal where rescue officials evacuated 300 stranded people and shifted them to a safer place. The water level at River Sutlej has risen to 16 feet. After the release of water by India, the water level in River Sutlej has gone up by 4 feet.
According to District Emergency Operation Centre, the water flow was recorded 18,000 cusecs at Ganda Singh Wala. Assistant Commissioner Rizwanul Haq Puri informed that rescue camps are being pitched to deal with any untoward situation. He said that the administration is also giving motor boats to people of Bhaki Wind living near the river. Continuous monitoring of water in Ravi and Chenab rivers is going on at Shakargarh and Hafizabad. The PDMA has issued an alert, saying there will be low flood situation in River Ravi at Jasar. Moderate flood situation has been recorded in River Chenab at Khanki Barrage in Wazirabad where flood water has risen to 100,000 cusecs during last 7 hours. The water inflow at Head Marala in River Chenab was recorded at 184,550 cusecs.
India has released 185,000 cusecs of water which will pass through River Ravi. There will be a low level flood on the arrival of 60,000 cusecs water. 65,000 cusecs water is expected to arrive in the next 20-24 hours.
The local administration is fully prepared to deal with any emergency situation in areas adjacent to Ravi. The administration will continue monitoring of water level at Head Marala in River Chenab and Jasar in Ravi River till July 20.
A flood alert has been issued in Shakargarh. Flood relief centers have been established near Nullah Ujh and Nullah Bayen. The administration has completed safety arrangements.
According to Shakargarh assistant commissioner, water flow in River Ravi is 6,500 cusecs while the capacity of water passage is 650,000 cusecs. In Nullah Ujh, water flow is 2,000 cusecs and the water passage capacity is 200,000 cusecs. In Nullah Bayen, water flow is 300 cusecs and the water passage capacity is 128,000 cusecs. According to the National Flood Report, the flow of water in rivers has begun to increase. The inflow of water at Head Marala in River Chenab in Wazirabad was recorded at 136,311 cusecs, while the discharge was recorded at 120,511 cusecs. At Khanki Barrage, the inflow of water was recorded at 73,483 cusecs.
At Head Qadirabad, the water inflow was 82,363 cusecs while the water discharge was recorded at 60,363 cusecs in River Chenab.
In a joint operation, the Punjab Rangers and Rescue 1122 evacuated several people stranded in floodwater in Shakargarh. Many people including children and women were stranded in floodwater released by India while they were busy in paddy cultivation. As soon as the information was received, 223 people, including women and children, were rescued after a timely rescue operation in the border area. The people trapped in floodwater thanked the teams of Rescue 1122 and Punjab Rangers for the successful completion of the operation.
After the water was released by India, a checkpost of the security officials in Narowal also came under water.

PM orders arrangements for possible flood situation in Ravi, Sutlej, Chenab

ISLAMABAD (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Monday directed the relevant authorities to make fool-proof arrangements to handle the possible flood situation in Ravi, Chenab and Sutlej rivers.
He also directed them to get prepared for timely and safe evacuation and create awareness among the people in the potentially affected areas. The prime minister appreciated the Rangers and Rescue 1122 personnel for the timely evacuation and assistance of the people trapped in flood water in Shakargarh.
He said the timely relief actions by the Rangers and Rescue helped save dozens of people including women and children.
“I along with the whole nation pay tributes to the country’s dutiful personnel”, he remarked.