Flood victims compelled to drink toxic water

KHAIRPUR (INP): The apathy of the Khairpur Nathan Shah administration has reached its pinnacle as it has failed to provide clean potable water to people who are compelled to drink toxic stagnant floodwater thus putting their lives at risk.
Reportedly, people in Nathan Shah are risking their lives when they are consuming dirty stagnant floodwater in view of non-availability of clean drinking water. Instead of providing potable water, the administration has installed a filter plant in a vehicle to purify the contaminated stagnant floodwater. After drinking this water, several people including hundreds of children have fallen prey to a host of diseases. As six-foot stagnant floodwater is still submerging Khairpur Nathan Shah and people are compelled to drink dirty water and are living in soiled and sub-human conditions, the area has literally turned into a den of infectious diseases.
As many as 90% flood affectees are suffering from malaria and more than two dozen have succumbed to various diseases. The stagnant floodwater which has swamped Nathan Shah for the last several days has become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects. The lives of flood victims living here have become miserable as the administration is not providing them mosquito/insecticidal nets nor does it provide them medicines.
Besides Nathan Shah, breakout of different diseases was reported in relief camps set up in Hyderabad. As many as 181 cases of diarrhea and 229 cases of skin diseases were reported in Hyderabad during last 24 hours. Three including child die of malaria in Khairpur, Thal
Meanwhile, two people including a woman died of malaria in Khairpur areas on Sunday. Reportedly, a woman Shanil Malah succumbed to malaria in Killary village of Khairpur while another man identified as Qadir Junejo also died of the same disease in Ranipur.
Gastroenteritis and malaria epidemics are getting out of control in Khairpur as city is facing dearth of beds for gastro and malaria patients in the city hospitals. Besides this, another child died of malaria in Thal. Malaria and gastroenteritis epidemics are also spreading quickly in Qambar Shadad Kot where the number of patients of these two diseases have reached in thousands.