Is Flying Via Private Jet Really an Accessible Option for Businesses?

The private jet charter sector is undergoing a revolution of sorts. A new business model and the integration of new technology means that chartering a private jet is easier and costs less than ever before. So, here we explore if flying via private jet really an accessible option for businesses.

“The Uber of the Skies”

The Uber of the skies is an expression that is frequently being used to describe the business model that companies such as Vistajet have adopted. The model means that passengers can now share a private jet, much like Uber passengers share a cab and this significantly lowers the cost. In addition, charter companies now offer deals such as seats on empty leg flights where normally the aircraft would return back to base without any passengers aboard. This is good business for the charter companies and passengers get a great price.

Those with the inclination and the resources can, of course, still revert to the old school tradition of chartering the entire aircraft and so what is new is that there are simply more options.

How to Charter a Private Jet

The introduction of mobile phone apps that allow the user to book seats on a private jet charter has put an end to problems regarding accessibility. It is now really simple to do so, all that is required is to download the app, sign up to the service and then enter some personal details.

The process can be completed in around 10 minutes, after which users can browse through flights using the search tools and book with just a few taps of their smartphone screen. Once a booking is made the passenger will receive an email with details and instructions, as they would when booking a flight with a commercial airline.

Advantages of Flying Via a Private Jet

There are several advantages to flying via a private jet, for example, it is quicker to navigate the airport as passengers won’t have to stand in queues waiting to check in and only need to be at the airport around 20 minutes before the jet is scheduled to leave.

For businesses, in particular, there is also the bonus of kudos to be won by travelling on a private jet, as success breeds success. Then there is the luxury and freedom that comes with private jet travel and this makes relaxing, working or even entreating clients or partners, whilst flying, much easier.

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