FM Wang: “China and India do not pose threat to each other, but provide opportunities for each other’s development”

F.P. Report

NEW DELHI: On March 25, 2022, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Indian National Security Adviser Doval in New Delhi during his working visit to India.
Wang Yi stressed that as representatives of two major developing countries and emerging economies, China and India should stick to the path they have chosen, correctly grasp the development direction of bilateral relations, take a long-term view, and work together to promote peace and stability in the region and the world at large. make their own contributions. Wang Yi put forward three ideas in this regard:
First, we must take a long-term perspective on the relationship between the two sides. China and India have a thousand-year history of cultural exchanges, and friendly cooperation has always been the mainstream. The realization of national rejuvenation between China and India will have a significant and far-reaching impact on Asia and the world at large.
The two sides should adhere to the strategic judgment of the leaders of the two countries that “China and India do not pose a threat to each other, but provide opportunities for each other’s development”, place differences on the border issue in the proper position of bilateral relations, and adhere to the correct development direction of bilateral relations.
Second, we should view each other’s development with a win-win mindset. China welcomes India’s development and revitalization and supports India in playing a more important role in international affairs. China does not pursue the so-called “unipolar Asia” and respects India’s traditional role in the region. We are willing to explore “China-India+” cooperation in South Asia, build a positive interaction model, and achieve a higher level and wider scope of mutual benefit and win-win results.
Third, participate in mu-ltilateral processes with a cooperative attitude. This year and next, global governance will usher in an “Asian moment”. China a-nd India will host the BRICS, G20 and Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders’ summits respectively. China and India spe-ak with the same voice, and the whole world will listen. The world will pay attenti-on to the cooperation betw-een China and India. The two sides should strengthen communication and coordination, support each other, release more positive signals for upholding multilateralism, and inject more positive energy into impro-ving global governance.
Indian Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jaishankar said that the situation on the border of India and China continues to be “abnormal”, but there is some progress in resolving a number of issues.
“My talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi have just concluded. We met for about three hours and openly and frankly reviewed a broad and detailed agenda. We discussed our bilateral relationship, which was di-srupted by Chinese actions in April 2020,” he said. Foreign Minister of India.
“While very large deployments [of troops] continue, the situation at the border is not normal. We still have ‘friction zones’, we have made progress in resolving some of them, including Pangong Tso,” Jaishankar added. He noted that the purpose of the meeting was to find ways to resolve the remaining controversial issues.
The head of the Indian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the current situation is a “work in progress” that is “slower than we would like.”