Foreign airlines’ use of Afghan airspace increasing: MoTCA

KABUL (TOLOnews): Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) said that the number of flights passing through Afghanistan’s airspace has increased compared to the past six months.
Imamuddin Ahmadi, the ministry’s spokesperson, noted that more planes are now using Afghan airspace following the signing of the ground service agreement and two other contracts with the UAE’s GAAC company.
“Transit flights now range between 80 and 100 (every 24 hours), and while these flights are currently normal, we are working to increase growth and will enhance the equipment and offer more services for civil flights in order to improve,” Ahmadi added.
Ahmadi added that the number of flights in Afghanistan’s skies six months ago was between fifty to seventy each 24 hours.
The Ministry of Economy said that the use of Afghan airspace by aircraft has an impact on the expansion of the economy and that the air transit industry has to be given more attention.
“Given the particular circumstances of Afghanistan, we can increase our air transit and develop Afghanistan as a strategic air transit corridor,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy of the Ministry of Economy.
Some economists believe that the number of flights from the country’s skies has decreased significantly compared to previous years, and the reason for that is the sanctions on the country.
“The flights are low, and the cause is the imposition of restrictions on the Afghan government, which has not yet been recognized,” said Abdul Nasir Reshtai, an economist.
Before the previous administration’s fall, 350 to 400 aircraft passed over the country’s airspace every 24 hours, earning Afghanistan $700 for each one.