Foreign companies, businessmen invest in Afghanistan: IEA

KABUL (Agencies): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the deputy prime minister, met with Chinese businessmen in Kabul and called on them to invest in Afghanistan.
According to a statement issued by the Islamic Emirater, the Chinese businessmen expressed their satisfaction with the security in Afghanistan, and noted there were investment opportunities in a number of areas.
They said they are “ready to continue cooperation with Afghanistan in the economic sector.”
“Now that the capacity and scope for work is available, the Islamic Emirate wants to invest in the construction of roads and highways with the cooperation of Chinese and commercial companies,” the statement read. Kabir welcomed the Chinese businessmen and said that “the Islamic Emirate is committed to providing facilities for investors.”
He also said relations with China were good and that Afghanistan is optimistic about investment possibilities from China and invites all companies and businessmen to invest in Afghanistan.