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Foreign Envoys Vow Support for Peace in Afghanistan

KABUL (Tolo News): The German ambassador to Afghanistan on Thursday said that terrorist attacks on diplomatic institutions in Afghanistan will not deter the efforts of his government to bolster the peace process in Afghanistan.

He said that sacrifices made by the Afghan security forces in the campaign against militancy were one of the reasons that Germany is continuing its work in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the former minister of interior said that the interior ministry had referred at least 200 MoI officers to legal and judicial institutions on charges of corruption.

He said that insurgents are wrong in their calculation about attacks on the diplomatic institutions, adding that the international forces will continue their mission in Afghanistan until peace and stability is restored.

“If terrorists think we are leaving, they are wrong, we will stay and we will continue to work with our Afghan friends and international partners for a peaceful future of this country. This was also the message of my president who came to Kabul a month ago,” said German envoy Walter Hassman.

The officials made the remarks during a ceremony to transfer the police mission from the German forces to the Canadian forces.

Outgoing minister of interior affairs Taj Mohammad Jahed expressed his gratitude to the two countries for their support and cooperation and said that he had introduced a range of reforms over the past year.

Jahed warned against meddling by certain elements in the ministry of interior.

“The audit department at the ministry of interior has processed 1,155 cases involving 270 officers – including seven generals and 177 high level officers – who were referred to the attorney general and other legal and judicial institutions,” said Jahed.

In addition, the Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan Kenneth Neufeld pledged that his country will continue its support to Afghanistan and to the ministry of interior in terms of bringing reforms.

“We are humble to take over the co-chair role at this key moment when the ambitious reform plan for the Afghan national security forces, the four year road map, is well underway; as I repeat the sentiments of my German colleague and commend minister Jahed and the partners for the many reform steps that are already taken,” said Neufeld.

MoI believes that the implementation of the four-year security plan will help overcome security issues in the future.

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