‘Foreign forces pullout irresponsible move’

KABUL (Pajhwok): Urging an orderly withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, some Meshrano Jirga members said an irresponsible pullout would mean the US defeat in Afghanistan. Some Mesharano Jirga members also criticized non-approval of peace plan by the leadership of the High Council for National Reconciliation and demanded a rapid approval of the plan.

Gulalai Akbari, a lawmaker from Badakhshan Province, told the house: “An irresponsible pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan qualifies US defeat in Afghanistan. The US has failed to eradicate terrorism in the past 20 years.” Mohammad Hanif Hanafi, a lawmaker from Uruzgan province, said: “The US failed in achieving its goals in Afghanistan and suffered a defeat.”

He also demanded a responsible withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and added that people should not be worried regarding the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. Mesharano Jirga Member Anar Kali Hunaryar shared similar views by saying that back in 2014 people were worried of the transfer of security responsibility from foreigners to local security forces but time proved that Afghan security forces were able to defend the country. Foreign forces have to leave Afghanistan one day in the future.
She said in case of any peace agreement between Afghan government and the Taliban the international community should guarantee the process because according to Hunaryar the Taliban beyond Doha Agreement kept contact with Al Qaeda. First Deputy Senate Chairman Mohammad AlamAzidyar said: “The pullout of foreign forces is a positive development, but US forces pullout is not dignified and responsible one.” Senate Chairman FazalHadiMuslimyar also termed US forces pullout irresponsible and said US was guest in Afghanistan and should have to leave the country one day. “The US came to Afghanistan for its own interest and now according to their own interest, they are leaving,” he said.