Foreign Funding Case: PTI fails to submit its reply to EC

ISLAMABAD (INP): After Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) failure to submit its reply in foreign funding case Election Commission has summoned the finance secretary while PTI was also ordered to submit petition in assessment of other parties’ funding.

According to details four-member bence of EC headed by Abdul Ghafar Soomro heard the case.

The lawyer of the petitioner Akbar S Babar Ahmed Hassan raised the objection over PTI failure to submit its reply, however PTI counsel told the bench that the reply will be submitted in next hearing.

Meanwhile bench member from KP has asked PTI lawyer that PTI wrote open letter for assessment of foreign to other parties. Another member of the bench from Shakeel Baloch directed him PTI should file petition rather open letter.

After accepting Plaintiff request to summon PTI finance secretary, bench has prorogued the hearing for December 12.

Following the hearing, Akbar S Babar told the media that PTI clearly seem reluctant to submit its reply before bench and was attempting to prolong the case.