Foreign Minister’s worrying revelations

Foreign Minister’s worrying revelations

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi, while addressing a press conference at Mulatan revealed that India is planning a new military action against Pakistan probably in the third week of current month for which a Pulwama type episode may be cooked again. According to him the government has reliable intelligence that New Delhi is devising a new plan of aggression against Pakistan. As smart diplomatic move the foreign office called the Indian Deputy High Commissioner and was handed over demarche in line with Foreign Minister’s statement.

It is worth commendable that International Community has been informed about the India’s aggressive designs. Pakistan had launched proactive diplomacy in the aftermath of Pulwama false flag operation, dropping of payload by Indian war planes in a forest area of Balakot in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and shooting down of one of its fighter aircraft on 27th February. It worked and diplomatic pressure mounted on India from world powers to reciprocate Pakistan’s de-escalation efforts. But the ruling BJP leadership is still adamant to plan another military action.

A misconception was created by the previous government that Narendera Modi after assuming power will revive the conciliatory policy of earlier BJP government led by Attal Bihari Vajpai. But this myth exploded and dissolved in thin air when Nawaz Sharif met his Indian counterpart in one on one met meeting after the latter oath taking ceremony on 26th May 2014. Former Pakistani Prime Minister was handed over a charge sheet accusing Pakistan of harbouring terrorism in the region. After this meeting Indian narrative against Pakistan was further substantiated by their external affairs ministry secretary Ms. Sujatha Singh in a press conference at a time when Nawaz Sharif has not yet left New Delhi. It was necessary to rebut the accusations but Pakistani leadership preferred silence which give credence to the Indian narrative in the capitals of western countries.

Throughout the tenure of Moodi government, ceasefire violations on the line of control are almost a daily routine with sometimes incident of firing on the working boundary. The preemptive and proactive diplomacy initiated by the present government is the need of the hour to restrain India from committing aggression which will destabilize the whole region. Hopefully, opposition political parties will lend unflinching support to the government so that a strong message is conveyed to New Delhi.

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