Foreign nations urged to refuse sanctuary to Afghan migrants

KABUL (Agencies): The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi said that security in the country has been restored and Afghans should not leave the country under the pretext that their lives are in danger.
Speaking to family members of the 18 deceased migrants, whose remains were returned from Bulgaria last week, Muttaqi also called on the international community not to take in Afghans who say their lives are in danger.
“The world should not harm Afghanistan’s talents, talents and honor and should not expel them from this country under the name that their lives are in danger,” he said adding: “Don’t oppress them [Afghans] anymore, 20 years of war is enough, they have martyred countless Afghans.”
Muttaqi also expressed his condolences and promised the families of the deceased he would cooperate with them. The bodies of the 18 migrants were returned to the country last week, three months after they were found dead in an abandoned van outside Sofia in Bulgaria.
Muttaqi raised the issue of the delay in repatriating the bodies and said sanctions were to blame. “The process faced many obstacles and the reason for the delay in the transfer of bodies was this issue (international sanctions).”
He said however that all Afghans are free to travel abroad but they should not use the system to secure asylum. Family members of the deceased migrants meanwhile said that many young people are deceived by human traffickers who get them to Europe via dangerous routes.
These families called on the IEA to stamp out the issue and end human trafficking in the country.