Foreign troops pullout ‘irresponsible’: Hekmatyar

KABUL (Tolo News): Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hizb-e-Islami, called the decision to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan “irresponsible” as violence escalates, and he warned of another war beginning. Hekmatyar said that the decision to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan was “wrong” ahead of forming of a transitional government.
“With the withdrawal of the foreign troops it’s clear that another war will begin in the country unless Afghans reach an agreement over a transitional government–as the war, bombings have already increased,” he said. He also said that there is no reason for the war in Afghanistan, as the foreign troops are withdrawing from the country. “There is change in the position and words of the government … We are also expecting the Taliban think about the situation, and with the withdrawal of the foreign troops, the reason and justification for war is ending,” he said.
He also wants the preservation of all the structures of the current system, especially the security forces. “The system must remain as it is and only the officials must change,” he said, adding: “The security forces and its formation must remain as it is.” In the meantime, Afghan citizens say that as foreign troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the warring parties must stop the violence.
“We say yes to peace so the Prophet and God will be pleased with us” said Mohammad Musa Noori, a religious scholar. Abdul Basir, a resident of Kabul said: “They (government and Taliban) should reach a peace that is for the good of Afghans.” President Ashraf Ghani, after Eid payers at the Presidential Place, called on the Taliban to use the opportunity for peace created by the foreign troops leaving the country. “The Taliban cannot have a better chance than this as the international troops are leaving the country,” Ghani said, adding that “the people’s arms are open to them” and end the war.
Last month, the US President Joe Biden has announced that US troops will leave the country by September 11. “Our people know who is responsible for blasts and suicide attacks,” Ghani said. “We don’t want destruction, we want development.” “The international troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan is a great opportunity,” he said. “The new chapter of our cooperation with the international community has started.” “Let’s see the Taliban’s intention,” he said, referring to the peace efforts. “All the politicians want an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process.”