Forest fire continues
in Nuristan for ninth day

KABUL (Tolo News): A fire has been burning in a Nuristan forest for the past nine days, said the State Ministry for Disaster Management, adding that 175 acres have been burned. Local officials said that fire-fighting teams arrived to put out the fire.
“The fire extinguisher teams of Nangarhar and Nuristan have arrived and have been sent to the area and are trying to put out the fire,” said Samiullhaq Haq Bayan, head of the Information and Culture Department of Nuristan. An official at the State Ministry for Disaster Management, Mullah Jan Sabiq, said that the fire has not caused any known human casualties yet. “175 acres of woods has been burned, however, there are no human casualties,” he said.
Meanwhile, residents expressed concerns and said that the fire would continue if the government didn’t take serious steps. “This is a big area, and it should be taken seriously by the government,” said Bashirullah, a resident of Nuristan.