Former Indo-Pak spy chiefs urge both nations to starts negotiation, play cricket

F.P. Report

LONDON: Former Chiefs of spy agencies of Pakistan and Indian have stressed the both neighboring countries to starts diplomatic talks and declaring that it is important for the development and mutual interest of both the countries.

Former DG of ISI, General (retd) Ehsanul Haq and the former Chief of RAW Amarjit Singh Dulat said this while taking part in public debate here at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre of London School of Economics and the debate was organized by South Asia Centre, LSE’s Pakistan Development Society and the South Asia Future Forum.

Ehsanul Haq said that ending the communication channels Indian had done nothing for the development of the region and ending conflict in South Asia.

He added that South Asian region is stunted because of differences between Pakistan and India and the main reason behind the conflict between the countries is Kashmir and in response and giving answer to Pakistan, India has raised the Balochsitan and targeting Pakistan land by using Taliban groups.

Dulat accepted that hundreds of youth were killed in Indian held Kashmir by the Indian occupied forces however several Indian soldiers have also been killed. He added that in worst days of relation between US and Russia still the CIA and KGB didn’t stop to negotiation and this was reason behind stopping the war in the word.

Both the former heads of ISI and RAW stressed on the need of the talk which is very important for the solution of problems between the two countries.