Former MoCIT Minister’s case handed to Supreme Court

KABUL (TOLONews): The Attorney General Office (AGO) on Monday said the case of Abdul Razaq Wahidi, the former Minister of Communications and Information Technology, has been handed to the Supreme Court.

AGO said Wahidi is accused of embezzlement and that his case has been handed to the Supreme Court for further investigation.

Reacting to the issue, Wahidi said he has been accused on baseless documents.

Wahidi said AGO has accused him of violating his job description when he was deputy finance minister.

“They accused me of violating my job description. I told them this is not my job description. My job description is not one page, but 17 pages, yet they do not accept this,” said Wahidi.

Some analysts meanwhile said corruption cases should be addressed, but the cases should not be opened based on political issues.

“Corruption cases should be investigated, but the cases should not be treated emotionally or politically. Reality should be proved,” Romal Atal, a university lecturer said.

Previously, AGO had introduced Wahidi to court, and accused him of corruption and misuse of authority when he was minister of communications and information technology.

In relation to that case, Wahidi appeared in court and finally was exonerated by a special court.

Regarding his new case, the AGO did not give details.

Neither did officials from the Supreme Court comment in this regard.

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