Foundation stone of new minaret laid at Pul-e-Sorkh Square

KABUL (Agencies): The foundation stone for a new minaret was laid at the Pul-e-Sorkh Square in Kabul city, in line with Kabul Municipality’s ongoing campaign to beautify the capital.
The minaret, which is being funded by Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications company, AWCC, will be built to mimic a historical structure.
Welcoming the support of AWCC, the municipality’s head of cultural affairs Wali Gul Jawad said: “We sincerely thank the Afghan Wireless Communication Company for cooperating with Kabul Municipality in urban services, they [AWCC] think of a common city, and Inshallah they go shoulder to shoulder with us in urban services.”
This 13-meter-high minaret will replicate the historical Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi’s minaret in Ghazni province.
AWCC officials meanwhile said they will continue their support for the purpose of construction with government institutions.
“This project is not our first and last project and you will see better projects, we would like to thank the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Kabul Municipality, for their serious cooperation with us in this field and for agreeing to our request,” said Mohammad Suleiman Khorram, AWCC’s director for the central zone.
During the last two decades, AWCC has cooperated with government institutions in various sectors and implemented many projects throughout the country. The company is also rolling out telecommunication and internet services to large swathes of the country, specifically in remote districts, that were previously under-served.