Four coal miners lost their lives in Samangan

SAMANGAN (Khaama Press): Local Taliban officials in Samangan province of northern Afghanistan said that 4 coal mine workers in the Dara-e-Sauf district died of gas poisoning at the mine.
The Taliban district governor of Samangan’s Dara-e-Sauf district was reported to have stated that 4 coal miners in the provinces died as a result of gas poisoning at work, according to the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar state news agency.
He said that the spread of carbon monoxide and methane gases inside the extraction shafts was what caused the incident, and he added that the rescue crew had removed the miners’ remains from the shafts.
The province currently only has four state-controlled technical extraction mines, but there are 2,000 locally owned non-technical mines, and 12,000 miners are employed there to extract mines, the Taliban official stated.
Three of the victims of this tragedy, including two brothers, came from Firuzbahar and Sar Gul villages in the Yakawlang district of Bamyan province, according to sources in the Samangan province, and a fourth victim was from Daikundi province.
The Taliban governor in Bamyan province also confirmed the incident, saying that the workers at the coal mine died on Sunday.
The sources added that the bodies of three people were buried two days ago in their villages in Yakawlang and the body of the fourth person was taken to Daikundi.
Due to poor regulation, tragic accidents frequently happen in Afghanistan’s mining sector. Four miners from Takhar province in northern Afghanistan lost their lives last week when the wagons were cut off in this district.
In the northern provinces of the country, incidences of mine collapses, inhalation of contaminated, poisonous, and hazardous gases and a lack of awareness of mining safety regulations are just a few cases that occur, and miners pay the cost for this malpractice with their lives.