Four gunmen, six civilians killed in Badakhshan

Four gunmen, six civilians killed in Badakhshan

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KUNDUZ: Four gunmen were killed and six civilians were wounded in a clash between the armed men of two government officials in Baharak district in Badakhshan province.

Gunfight erupted between the unauthorized gunmen of police chief Qari Abdul Wadood and mayor Abdul Rauf in the remote area Aolar, Badakhshan provincial assembly member Abdullah Naji Nazari told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

According to Nazari, four unauthorised gunmen were killed and six civilians were injured in the gunfight.

The local residents registered their complaint with the provincial administration in this regard Monday, he said.

Nazari said police chief Abdul Wadood and Abdul Rauf were sitting government officials. They owned unauthorized gunmen in the area. Clashes had also erupted between these armed men in the past.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan police spokesman Sanaullah Rouhani confirmed clash in the area, saying a commander of unauthorized gunmen identified as Maulvi Abdul Majid had been arrested from the warring sides. He was currently under investigation. He said the real cause of the clash was Abdul Majid.

It is pertinent to mention here that President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani has warned all the unauthorized gunmen and powerful figures in the country to obey the law. Otherwise, the security forces would arrest them.

The Afghan security forces arrested the leaders of unauthorized gunmen and some powerful figures in various parts of the country over the past some time.

Acting police chief of Faryab’s Qaisar district Nizamuddin Qaisari and former security in-charge of Uruzgan Rahimullah were also among these people.

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