Four militants killed as terrorists attack PSX

Sher Afzal

KARACH: A terror attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has been thwarted by the security forces while all the four terrorists have been killed and 6 persons including 4 security guards and one sub inspector have been martyred.

On Monday morning, the terrorist attacked PSE with the hand grenades on the first day of business week. They kept on firing for about 7 minutes,

The security personnel deployed in the building foiled the terror bid killing all the four terrorists.

Police reached the scene and closed the door for traffic; The injured were shifted to hospital.

According to reports the age of attackers ranged between 25 to 35 years. The terrorists came on blue corolla car and started firing after entering from the main gate. The security guards killed one terrorist on the main gate in retaliatory firing and did not let the remaining three terrorists to enter into the building.

The terrorists were equi-pped with arms. Imported ammunition, Kalashnikov, and hand grenade were taken in to custody.

Police and Rangers have cordoned off the building. Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) armed group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released.

“Majeed brigade of Baloch Liberation Army today has carried out a self-sacrificing attack on Karachi stock exchange,” read the statement, emailed to a foreign media outlet.

Addressing a news conference, Pakistan Rangers Sindh DG Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari said that Indian RAW was involved in the attack which timely was foiled by the law enforcement agencies.

The attack was claimed by the banned outfit BLA on various social media platforms however investigations, which were underway, will reveal the facts further.

Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari said that due to swift response of LEAs, terrorist failed to achieve their target. He said that to ensure protection of masses, the Rangers will leave no stone unturned.

DG Rangers said that the attackers attempted to storm the building on 10:02 am while they were shot down by the security agencies on 10:10 am within the span of 8 minutes, and the terrorist could not succeed in entering the building of PSX.

He said within 25 minutes the activities in PSX were restored.

The attackers had plan to kill and make people hostages, as they were carrying eatables with them besides heavy arms were also recovered from the killed terrorists, said DG Rangers.

Additional IGP Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon said that there were intelligence reports about the attack because of which the LEAs were prepared and alert and foiled the attack successfully.

He said the successful response was the result of proper coordination among all the LEAs.

Ghulam Nabi Memon said that such attacks were foiled in the past and will be averted again and the enemies of the country will not succeed in achieving their targets.

Karachi police chief said that all the institutions were alert and active to avert any untoward incident.

He said family of martyred Sub-Inspector Shahid Ali and all the injured cops will be compensated.

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