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FPSC denies FATA domicile, Senate body takes notice

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F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Senate Implementation Committee took notice of the matters pertaining to a special report of the Senate Functional Committee on Devolution regarding non-compliance of the suggestion given by the Committee, on Tuesday.

The meeting held at Parliament House was chaired by Senator Nighat Mirza and attended by Senator Molvi Faiz Muhammad, Senator Moula Bux Chandio, Senator Hidayatullah and senior officers of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Cabinet Division, and National Accountab-ility Bureau (NAB).

During the meeting, the committee also held profound discussion on the case of ‘Dr. Lal Rehman’. The committee took notice of it after Federal Public Service Commission denied to approve FATA Domicile for the appointment of Dr. Lal Rehman.

In addition to this, discussing a special report of the Senate Functional Committee on Devolution was also held.

While discussing the case of Dr. Lal Rehman whose appointment on the basis FATA Domicile was denied by the FPSC, Senator Hidayatullah raised the matter, that focused on the notion that rights of FATA areas that were merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were being seized due to the ignorance of state machinery regarding rules and laws pertaining to the issue.

Senator Hidayatullah also emphasized that the decision regarding this case had been finalized and today the respondents stood clueless as to all commitments made in the last meeting.

He questioned under which rule a candidate that belonged to FATA could not apply to universities and colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, especially after the merger. Senator Hidayat Ullah walked out in protest.

The Senate Committee also discussed non-compliance of the recommendations made by the committee with regards to sale of 172 acres of land at Gadani Beach.

The officials reported that, the committee was informed that in the decision of 81st meeting of PTDC Board of Directors it was recommended to forward the case of sale of land measuring 172 acres at Gadanni Beach for approval of the Prime Minister, officials sources reported.

Furthermore, a draft summary was also moved by the Managing Director, PTDC to the Cabinet Division for onward submission to the Prime Minister of Pakistan with the aim for getting approval which could not be materialized because execution of any such sale of land was against the law.

During the meeting, the Senate Committed emphasized that this matter had been under debate on several forums for quite a few years and no concrete solution could be reached till now.

The Senate Committee noted that, this is a case of negligence on the part government functionaries of the related departments on relevant posts, the officials reported.

The Senate Committee also noted that in these years when the private investment was allowed still the environment of confusion was created in the matter.

This deliberate confusion leads to huge investment by the investor, the Senate Committee stressed on the need for an investigation.

During the meeting, the Committee was clued-up regarding that the process of sale of 172 acres of land to MK Pakistan “did not have approval from the competent authority”.

The Coastal Development/ Government of Balochistan acted beyond their mandate by entering into an agreement with MK Pakistan, the Committee was notified regarding the issue. Additionally, when MK Pakistan understood this, it approached PTDC for allotment of Land.

The company was aware that it was developing a piece of land for which it did not possess any legal rights.

The committee was given information regarding the non allotment or lease had been finalized with MK Pakistan and as such no payment had been received.

The present implementation status of Committee’s directions and personal assurance of Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, was also discussed.

The committee during the meeting also considered Public Petition of Muhammad Riaz addressed to Chairman Senate pertaining to 8000 affectees of Pak Arab Housing.

While considering Public Petition to Muhammad Riaz addressed to Chairman Senate pertaining to 8000 affectees of Pak Arab Housing; the committee was informed that the CEO of the project was former Senator Ammar Ahmed Khan had cheated investors of the project. Because he had no land and therefore cannot deliver, around 4200 people who have fallen prey to this fraud.

The committee was notified that the CEO of this project was on bail. But the issue is being investigated by National Accountability Bureau.

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