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Recently, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited Paris to take a new start in bilateral relations with France, which witnessed an extreme low after his predecessor Prime Minister, Scott Morrison unilaterally withdrew from a purchase deal with the French Naval Group. According to details, Prime Minister Albanese met with French President Emmanuel Macron at Elysee Palace on Friday and tried to reset Australian political and trade ties with its angry old ally. After the meeting with Macron, Prime Minister Albanese said that his presence in Paris represents a new start for both countries’ relationship. He stressed divine principles of trust, respect, and honesty and emphasized on the importance of Australia’s relationship with France. French President was of the view that the first conversations between the pair since Albanese’s election in May, mark a willingness to rebuild a relationship of trust between the two countries. Macron acknowledged the difficult times that almost passed over and emphasized the strategic partnership of the two countries, their shared war history in Europe, and joint Security interests in the Pacific region.
The bilateral relations between France and Australia suffered a great setback when Australia betrayed France and trashed the contract for the purchase of 12 conventional Naval Submarines from the French Defense giant last year and decided to purchase 8 state-of-the-art Nuclear Powered Submarines from the United States and the UK under a tri-nations defense pact commonly known as “AUKUS”. Australian betrayal cost France a loss of over $ 60 billion, along with putting a question on the credibility of French defense equipment in the global market. However, France demonstrated a furious reaction, President Macron lashed out at both nations including the US and Australia, severed diplomatic ties, and called back French envoys from Canberra and Washington, who stabbed Paris through joint collaboration. France broke off diplomatic contacts with Australia and Macron repeatedly accused Morrison of having lied to him during his visit to Paris in June 2021.
The bilateral relations between France and Australia started healing after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison left office and Prime Minister Albanese assume power last month. Meanwhile, the Australian government settled the deal for the construction of 12 Submarines with French Submarines builder Naval Group through compensation worth $584 million. After assuming office, the left-winger Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has introduced fundamental changes in the Australian trade, foreign policy, and Canberra’s position regarding climate change and biodiversity at global forums. Albanese set a course to mend Australian ties with its neighbor and partners in the first go. After visiting first-door neighbor Indonesia, Albanese reached Paris to build a new friendship and start a new voyage of shared vision, promotion of common interest, and cooperation between the two nations.
On other hand, the French side also felt a clear difference between the policies of former Australian premier Scott Morrison and ruling Anthony Albanese and observed that the new Australian position is proactive, and ambitious and offers both nations to move forward together on new projects within the framework of initiatives launched in recent years. According to reports, both countries had discussed potential avenues for bilateral cooperation in trade and investment, defense and security, and public engagement during the recent visit of the Australian Prime Minister. French leadership reciprocated the positive initiative of Prime Minister Albanese and agreed to move forward on new projects instead of remembering the trauma of history.

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