Freezing temperatures outbreaks Pneumonia

Freezing temperatures outbreaks Pneumonia

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ABBOTTABAD: After heavy snowfall and downpour in all across Hazara division freezing temperatures triggered Pneumonia in various places of the Hazara.

In upper parts of the region Mercury dropped below zero particularly in Galyat, upper Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan, Pneumonia outbreaks owing to below zero degree temperature.

A number of children were caught by the seasonal epidemic Pneumonia, which also affected a huge population in district Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram and Kohnistan. Some casualties were also reported by the Pneumonia in Mansehra and Battagram. 

During last two weeks many children were hospitalized in many parts of Hazara division including Siran Valley, Galyat, Thandiani, Battahtsam, Manshera and Kaghan where in some areas more than five feet snowfall has been recorded during last two weeks. Children caught by the Pneumonia were admitted in King Abdullah Hospital Mansehra, Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) and District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Abbottabad.

Basic Health Units (BHU) and government hospitals in Siran Valley did not have enough facilities, doctors and paramedical staff to tackle the pneumonia outbreak which takes the lives of dozens of the children in the valley every year.

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