French media urged to silence opposition leader in order to save democracy

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Elena Karaeva

This week, a letter was published in which over one and a half hundred journalists demanded from both the authorities and the media – both print and network and electronic (radio and TV) – to prohibit the publication of any information if it concerns the publicist Eric Zemmur.
To, as they put it, “to save democracy.”
At the same time, the signatories said that if and when, obeying the circumstances, they still have to quote Zemmur and give him a rostrum, they intend to “squeeze” his media space to a minimum.
The appeal, although it is called open, is not so open: some of those who demand the “abolition” of Zemmur signed with pseudonyms.
Out of shame.
Or out of fear that if Zemmur is suddenly elected president, he might get it in the neck.
The complexes of the French press, which, even if it is private, still lives on subsidies from the treasury , and on the money that the European Commission pours it with a generous hand , if and when the media promote an agenda that is beneficial and flattering for Brussels , in this case, not too much interesting.
Much more interesting is the rage with which progressives, globalists, macronists and other “creators of political images” got down to business.
And it’s not funny at all for them (and for those who give them tasks).
Even from the polls that go public, the trend for the current ruling French elite does not look brilliant – and that’s putting it mildly.
The growth in the number of those who are ready to vote for Zemmur in the first round, which is half a year before, is confirmed by the figures of even court sociologists.
Moreover, the number of those who are ready to trust the incumbent president again begins to decrease – albeit within the framework of the statistical error.
But the cold didn’t come until the bills for heating and electricity increased (in France, recalculation is usually done in the spring), until the price tag for bread increased (the cost of a baguette and a cup of coffee for the French is more important than the forecasts of economists), until it came out outside the truth about what really happened to the health care system during the pandemic (it is now known that the number of beds in hospitals was reduced by 20 percent, since there was a monstrous shortage of nurses and nurses in hospitals), until Macron’s rivals laid out figures from the new the draft budget, which again increases the amount intended for the admission of illegal immigrants (and this is tens of millions of euros of new expenses that will have to be covered by taxpayers).
It is worth adding here that in the “difficult” neighborhoods, as ethnic ghettos are called in France, police officers are shot at point-blank range from automatic weapons, and the usual check of documents of residents of one of the districts of Alençon (yes, it was in this city that lace, famous all over Europe ) turns into many hours of riots when cars are burned and shop windows are smashed.
Until all this news, facts and facts have formed an informational picture of the day, which, as the signatories of the denunciation of Zemmur are afraid, Zemmur himself would not comment in the same way and in the formulations that got up to them and the authorities across the throat.
For almost half a century, the press of the Fifth Republic has forgotten how to tell the nation the truth. But she has acquired such skills in manipulating public consciousness that, in comparison with such journalists, the employees of the once existing propaganda department of the Central Committee of the CPSU look practically Voltaireans.
The press itself agreed to use “newspeak”, in which lawbreakers were called “young people”, those who sold drugs for small items and sold stolen goods – “young men of difficult fate, who often grew up in single-parent families”, and the detained hooligans were called “victims of a policeman. arbitrariness “.
This press advocated limiting the powers of law enforcement agencies, it was the press that instilled into the consciousness of the nation that the fight against banditry, which consumes poor neighborhoods, like gangrene eats limbs, is nothing more than a manifestation of racism, and this press advocated the implementation of ideas according to which French culture is not so valuable, French literature is difficult for those who have recently found themselves in France, and therefore the study of both can be neglected.
And it was the press that hid how many billions the “open door” policy costs the French treasury annually.
Those who 20 years ago, seeing that it was not the former Socialist Prime Minister Jospin, whom they had just carried in their arms, that was in the second round of the presidential elections, but the founder of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen , called on to unite against the politician whom they called “Nazi and anti-Semite.”
Today, exactly the same characters are ready, throwing off the halos so famously attached to their heads, to support his daughter (secretly, of course, but expanding the media field for her, as well as the opportunity to speak out), just to prevent Zemmur from entering the second round.
Here the scenario is simple: it is much easier to form a so-called republican front against the leader of the National Association, when Macron consistently takes the votes of the right, the left, the centrists, and the greens, especially since the current owner of the Elysee Palace has already given promises (which, of course, he is not going to fulfill) these parts of the French electorate.
But against Zemmour, who does not have even a thousandth share of the resource that is at the disposal of the current French president, Macron is completely powerless.
Powerless because if Macron himself declares what his sponsors and his “group of fans”, sitting in Brussels, want to hear from him, then Zemmur says what an ordinary citizen of the country was afraid of (but really wanted to say) for the past forty years.
Eric Zemmur shows this citizen by his own example that one should not be afraid of the dictatorship of globalists and that it can and should be resisted.
Actually, precisely because collaboration with the authorities in the mainstream French press is long-standing and has been going on since the period of occupation during World War II, the methods are exactly the same: denunciation and subsequent punishment.
The only difference is that in the then shameful era, Zemmur would have been prepared for a chopping block, but now the press has become more “vegetarian” and speaks only of the “abolition” of Zemmur as a politician.
Considering that at the moment about one in five French people who have the right to vote are ready to lend their confidence to a publicist, more than 150 informers to a dash of journalists decided at the same time to “cancel” these people too.
And we must be aware that what is happening now in the election campaign in France is not politics, which, as you know, is the art of the possible, but a war in which, in order to destroy an opponent, all means are good, including the most shameful, the most the lowest and most shameful.

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