French teachers on strike again

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Elena Karaeva

French teachers are on strike again. They were fed up with the fact that the government, which failed to bring the pandemic under control, made them extreme.
The new teachers’ strike is a slap in the face to the authorities, who managed to finish off the secondary education system in two years of the pandemic. And so that no one had any doubts about the true plans of the powerful of this world, they, going on New Year’s holidays, and not just anywhere, but to Spanish Ibiza, warned that a new sanitary protocol would be in force in schools from the beginning of this year. Mandatory wearing of a mask for everyone and everywhere, both on school premises and in school areas, starting from children of the age of six, and no less mandatory PCR tests for everyone if at least one child in the class has been diagnosed with the virus.
As soon as the new instructions were published and began to operate, long queues immediately formed in front of the doors of medical laboratories: it is only adults who can be analyzed quickly, children have to tinker, they cry, scream and dodge. An obscure laboratory assistant after three days of such work in desperation posted a post on Instagram, saying that her current job is “child abuse”. The post immediately went viral, shared by tens of thousands of users.
Parents, for their part, said that the restrictions imposed by the leadership of the Ministry of Education had no effect on the spread of the infection. The teachers, on whom all the same leaders hung all the dogs, decided that they would not be extreme in such a situation and urged their colleagues to go out into the street. A week ago, three-quarters of French schools were closed because of the strike; today, as those who work in secondary education assume, the numbers will be comparable.
Teachers are fed up with the fact that the government, which failed to bring the pandemic under control, made them extreme in a situation where it is required not only to conduct lessons and extracurricular activities, but also to monitor who washes their hands and how, how often the room is ventilated, and also notify parents on a daily basis about the sanitary situation in schools. Tiny salaries – France is one of the last places in the EU in terms of teachers’ salaries – overcrowded classes (with a maximum of 25 people in the class, there are both 30 and 35 students) and new duties during the pandemic, which are not considered an additional burden, cause not grumbling and not even discontent, but real anger. Both teachers and parents.
And although boastful assurances are heard from high-ranking tribunes that appropriations for secondary education in France are constantly increasing, this money does not reach payroll sheets, settling, apparently, in the form of remuneration to bureaucrats. Including for the development of sanitary standards and restrictions, changing almost daily.
Today’s protest is also a postcard to Macron. The current president, who dreams of being elected for a new term, will have to take into account that the teachers’ opposition is also directed against him as a politician.
And although elections in the country will be held in April, a vote of no confidence in the current government will be passed today, however, not at the ballot box, but on the streets of French cities.

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