Fueling conflict in Ukraine

Written by The Frontier Post

The United States Embassy in Kiev announced the arrival of the first batch of military aid promised by President Joe Biden to Ukraine to defend itself from the potential invasion of Russia. The US mission in Kiev wrote on its Twitter handle that about 200,000 pounds of deadly aid, including ammunition for Ukraine’s forward defenders, has arrived in the country. The US side vowed that the delivery demonstrates Washington’s commitment to Ukraine’s defense.

The Ukrainian crisis is intensifying gradually due to aggressive actions of warring groups, the United States, and allies as well as Russia. The west urges Russia for de-escalation and reduction in its troops at the Ukrainian border while Russia wants a halt in NATO expansion in its backyard and withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe. The recent dialogue between the parties on the issue failed to move the worst security crisis between Moscow and the West since the Cold War. Currently, the United States has moved a huge cache of the latest weapons to Ukraine to strengthen its abilities against Russia while significant NATO troops equipped with the latest arsenal are already deployed in Eastern Europe in such a way that the Russian mainland is at their aim and can easily hit within minutes. All these had been done by the west in the ploy of an imaginary Russian invasion against Ukraine while the Kremlin is continuously denying these charges and accusing the West of planning military provocations, through the provision of arms and ammunition to Ukraine by the UK, the US, and other NATO nations.

The global rivals had chosen Ukraine to satisfy their rivalry and gathered piles of the latest deadly weapons on Ukrainian borders. Both parties are showing their muscles and want to knock down each other on Ukrainian land. The poor Ukrainians are already facing economic and financial challenges to their survival, hence Kiev is unable to protect its people from the flames of war and destruction. It is advisable for the warmongers to be kind to the people of Ukraine, spare them in your rivalry and let them live a peaceful life.

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