Gardez-Zurmat road’s work resumed

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PAKTIA: Construction work has resumed on the 27 kilometer Gardez-Zurmat road in Paktia province, local officials said.

However, residents in the province have said that the construction work has hit constant delays over the past eleven years and this has caused serious problems for people in the area.

The contractor has said that they will try to complete the construction work on the project.

“This will be implemented in several phases, the first phase will cover 10 kilometers, this will be completed, the remaining 10 kilometers will be built too in terms of its structure,” said Mohammad Halim Fedayee, the governor of Paktia.

“We will look into it, but we can’t predict anything. For now, there is no problem,” said Emal Wardak, the contractor.

“The work has started, but it is not moving constantly, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t,” said Mohammad Omar, a resident of Zurmat district.

“This issue has created a lot of problems for us, we can’t transfer our patients to the hospitals,” said Gul Rahim, a resident of Paktia.

The 27 kilometer-long road will connect the center of Paktia to the Zurmat district.

Residents have said that the government failed to abide by its commitment to complete the project on time.

The residents have said that insecurity was one of the core points that delayed the project. (TOLOnews)

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