Gastro outbreak kills four more children in Khairpur

F.P. Report

KHAIRPUR: Four more children died due to the outbreak of gastro in Khairpur within 24 hours, while more than 21 children have lost their lives across the district.

After the recent rains and flood ravages across Khairpur district, gastroenteritis is spreading rapidly among children as well as adults and four children including two girls have died within 24 hours.

As per details, four-year-old Irshad died in the city hospital. A boy and a girl died in Tehsil Nara, while a 9-year-old boy lost his life in Tehsil Thari Mirwah.

However, more than 280 children are still admitted in various hospitals including City Hospital Khairpur and Civil Hospital Khairpur.

Furthermore, three to four children are being admitted in one bed due to rush in hospitals. The families stated that there is a lack of medicines in the hospitals and there is no sanitation.

According to the locals, children are losing their lives due to the lack of doctors in the emergency. The arrangements should be improved by imposing emergency in hospitals, they demanded.