GDA announce to move court against rigged polls

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KARACHI: The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), which miserably failed in the general elections 2018, has announced it will challenge the election results in court.

The alliance, when formed its leader claimed, it would bring an end to almost a decade rule of the Pakistan People’s Party over the Sindh province but it couldn’t even find the second position, which will be occupied by the Tahreek-e-Insaf, which has emerged the second largest party of the southern Pakistani province.

According to Election Commission of Pakistan, the GDA has been polled 119308 votes from across Pakistan and has thus lagged behind the newly formed Tehreek-e-labbaik Pakistan, which has emerged as the fifth largest party of the country with 234138 votes.

A meeting of the leaders of alliance was held here at the residence of Pir Sahab Pagara, Pir Sibgatullah Rishidi in which the post election situation was reviewed.

Addressing news conference after the meeting Pir Sahab Pagara announced that the alliance will challenge the stolen mandate in the court.

It was promised that the election 2018 will be free and fear; Pagara said and added “These have been the historic rigged election as such rigging has never taken place in Pakistan.”

“If it was a conflict of Punjab so why were the people of Sindh made fool,’ Pagara told reporters, adding the alliance will knock the doors of court. “The rigging had started before elections but after 6pm it was historic and despite the fact that several parties complained no action was taken by the election commission.”

Pagara, however, clarified that his alliance will not make the government of Imran Khan weaker. “If Imran could do 50 percent of what he had been promising the country will be put on the track back,” Pagara said.

The PMLF chief, who is also head of the Grand Democratic Allaince, said Imran had promised that he will bring back the looted money to Pakistan. “Most of the money looted and being laundered abroad belongs to the bureaucracy and if Imran did it, it will be a great success,” he concluded.

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