General Nicholson appreciates performance of Afghan Special Forces

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: General John Nicholson, Commander of US forces in Afghanistan, has appreciated the Afghan Special Forces and adding that the Afghan Special Forces are capable of dismantling the enemies on the battlefield.

Nicholson said that armed group in Afghanistan should know that they cannot win on the battlefield as the Afghan security forces are getting more power and increased its capabilities by getting special training.

The armed group’s including Taliban have two choices, live in irrelevance or die as the Afghan forces are coming for them, he added.

Nicholson further added that the special forces, the special police, triple-three, triple-two, triple-four, the commandos, these have been very successful on the battlefield and we planning to increased the numbers of these forces to ensure the security of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Special Forces officers serving in Afghan forces special units have been graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK.

Sediqullah Kamin, an officer of the Afghan Special force, said to local media that the biggest reason of our success is that a lot of works have been done to build the capacity of the 333 Special Unit of Afghan National Police. The Afghan National Police 333 Unit was the first group of the Special Forces which was established in 2002.