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Germany and Turkey will continue to coordinate negotiations with Taliban

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ISTANBUL (RIA Novosti): German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she had discussed bilateral contacts with the radical Taliban movement with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; the parties could conduct such negotiations jointly in the future.

“We exchanged views on our negotiations with the Taliban and, perhaps, we will continue to conduct th-ese negotiations together,” Merkel said at a press conference following a meeting with Erdogan.

She stressed that the international community must guarantee the provision of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and prevent a humanitarian crisis in the coming winter.

Merkel also noted the lack of progress in a peaceful settlement in Syria, pointing to the “tense” situation in Idlib, and also called for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Libya.

Merkel stressed the imp-ortance of finding a long-term solution to the situation in Libya. “I once again pointed out the need for fo-reign forces to leave Libya. I hope that we will soon be able to make progress on this issue,” she said.

Both leaders have entered into a dispute over the shortcomings of the coalition government.

Merkel is in Turkey on a working visit. This is her farewell visit to this country as chancellor.

“There was a successful period with Merkel in Turkish-German relations. But it is always difficult to work with the coalition government. There were many problems in Turkey, but with the transition to the presidential system, we got rid of them and began to work intensively,” Erdogan said to the joint press -conference with Merkel.

In turn, Merkel said that the coalition government is suitable for Germany, and the country “is not going to move to a presidential system.”

To this, Erdogan said th-at during negotiations with him, Merkel complained about difficulties with the coalition government.

“It’s true, but that’s how life is,” the German Chancellor admitted.

“My grandson also says:” Grandfather, what can you do – this is life! “

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