Gesture of peace

Prime Minister Minister Imran Khan, while addressing joint session of the parliament, announced the release the capture Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthmandan which further buttresses Pakistan’s desire for de-escalation of tension with India. In an interview with a private TV Channel, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is ready to talk to talk to his Indian counterpart over telephone if the latter is willing for it. The foreign minister confirmed the receipt of Pulwama attack Dossier from India and made an offer of talks on the basis of this dossier.

After the unconditional support of Turkey for Pakistan, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al Jubair is visiting Pakistan with a message from the Crowned Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for Pakistani leadership. In contrast to his earlier expression of grave concern over the escalating tension between India and Pakistan US President Donald Trump said in a press Conference in Hanoi Vietnam that tension between the two nuclear weapons armed South Asian neighbours will come to an end. However, Pakistan’s Ambassador the United States deplored in a press briefing that the US did not condemn India’s incursion into Pakistan and urged the super power to play its role in maintaining peace in the region.

Pakistan has remained an all-time ally of the United States and is actively facilitating and supporting the talks between the US and the Taliban to reach a political settlement of Afghanistan. Likewise, the United States has strategic partnership with India and by virtue of this partnership it does have leverage over India to hold talks on lowering tension with Pakistan. The world powers must come forward and play an active role in defusing tension between the two countries by mounting pressure on India to come to negotiation table for the resolution of outstanding issues including the core issue of Kashmir.

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