Ghani orders sweeping changes to Kabul Police

KABUL (TOLONews): Afghan Ministry of Interior Spokesman Najib Danish on Tuesday said that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has called for broad changes to be brought to the Kabul police structures.

In a statement, Danish said, “Based on the President’s orders, all officers at Police District level, in the capital, will be rotated out to provinces.”

“This forms part of the plans to secure the capital and districts of Kabul but officers that have performed well will be promoted,” he said. “As part of reforms in the Kabul police administration, we will set up a new team and new staff who can better serve Kabul but Members of Parliament (MPs) have called for transparency regarding the change-over process,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shekiba Hahimi MP stated that, “The bitter experiences have shown that some were inefficient and instead of being dismissed because they failed to even file a case, they got sent to provinces where their records made the province’s security worse.”

In addition, military experts believe that if any policemen were negligent in their duties, their transfer to provinces will not help ensure the safety of provinces.

“Wherever a security officer is posted, they should stay there for at least three years in order to become familiar with the area and their police department,” said Mosa Akbar, a military expert.

The ministry said so far more than one hundred Kabul police officers have been sent to provinces and the process will continue.

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