Ghani wants to bring changes in current Higher Education System

F.P. Report

KABUL: Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has said that the country current higher education systems was not capable to fulfill the economic and political requirements of the country and now it is time to bring changes in it in the better interest of the youth.

Ghani called the authorities for systemic change in the higher education system to produce quality professional which can fulfill the requirements of the country needs in the any field and played their role in constructing a developed Afghanistan.

President said this while to an event organized at start of new academic year at Kabul. He added that education must needs to be provided in national language both in Farsi and Pashto as it the developed countries also travel on the road of development by adopting their own languages.

We need to realize the new challenges of today’s world and we need to bring constructive changes in the current higher education system of the country with the aim to equipped our youth with the knowledge of economic, political and administrative”, President said.

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