Ghani’s decree

Ghani’s decree: Level Sayedabad to secure New York

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KABUL: Just as Afghan history is filled with celebrated personalities, likewise it also talks of many puppets. Among them the despicable slave of the English, Shah Shujaa. This quisling committed the crime of bringing the English imperialist to Afghanistan. In 1839, he attacked Kabul with the English and occupied the seat of power.

He was a puppet ruler and a friend of the imperialistic powers yet his cowardice and shamelessness had not reached such levels as to cause him to shed his nation’s blood and destroy their homes for the protection of London. This nation’s history has also seen a man like BabrakKarmal, yet he never said that Afghanistan should be destroyed for the protection of Moscow. Today, however, American puppet ruler Ashraf Ghani has proudly surpassed all his slave predecessors of the past. Not only did he shed his people’s blood to protect the enemy, he also decreed it to be a firm pillar of his policy.

Not long ago, AsharfGhani’s puppet forces destroyed 80 civilian homes in MaidanWardak’sSayedabad district. The locals made very clear that they had nothing to do with any armed organization, that they were merely ordinary civilians. It seems, therefore, that their only crime was being present at a place where the enemy had already resolved to transgress against innocents.

In Sayedabad and other areas, the homes of helpless Afghans are destroyed in nighttime operations by special forces.

Despite this, Ashraf Ghani says with much pride that the objective of their sacrifices and operations is to keep New York safe and that it is the result of their operations that bomb blasts do not take place in Washington nor Los Angeles.

In other words, according to Ashraf Ghani, martyring Afghans under the guise of fighting a war against terrorism is supposedly keeping New York safe, including destroying their homes as occurred in Sayedabad. How the killing of ordinary civilians in war-torn Afghanistan and destruction of their humble possessions keeping the population of New York in their already secure homes even more secure remains a mystery.

For the purpose of safeguarding New York, this savagery has not remained limited to MaidanWardak alone. Enemy operations aimed at massacring civilians are ongoing in Paktia, Logar, Ghazni, Baghlan and other provinces. The hired murder squads of Ashraf Ghani are targeting the civilian population of Afghanistan as well as their properties on a daily basis now. They target youth and, like Daesh, decapitate them. Apart from this, the elderly, women and children are not spared as well – but why? For the supposed protection of New York and Los Angeles, according to Ashraf Ghani.

After high levels of poverty, killing, plundering, corruption and obscenity in Afghanistan, it is the desire of quisling Ashraf Ghani that the killing of Afghan civilians must also continue for the supposed protection of New York in his distorted vision. To achieve this, he is willing to burn Afghanistan to ashes and indeed this was the motivation behind the destruction at Sayedabad.

Afghan history has seen many a traitor but perhaps none like the present conscienceless face imposed over Afghanistan has ever existed.

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