Ghormach falls to Taliban as ANA troops move to Maimana

Ghormach falls to Taliban as ANA troops move to Maimana

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SHABARGHAN: The government has decided to shift administrative affairs of Faryab’s Ghormach district to Badghis province as the Taliban again captured the district Monday, officials said.

The Ghormach district was formerly part of Badghis province but it was given into the control of Faryab province several years ago due to security problems but despite that the Taliban captured it several times since then.

Jamsheed Shahabi, spokesman of Badghis governor, told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) that the district would soon be formally declared part of Badghis province as work has already been started in this regard.

A press release issued by Afghan Army’s Shaheen Corps said the Afghan National Army 1st Lewa’s 6th Kandak would be shifted to Maimana, capital of Faryab province, from Ghormach with all its resources and its security affairs would be taken over by ANA’s 7th Zafar Crops.

Najeebullah Najeebi, an official of ANA’s 207th Corps, told AIP that they had not yet received directives to take over security control of the district.

Spokesman of Faryab governor, Naqeebullah Faiq, had said the Ghormach district would be given into the control of Badghis province while some new districts would be established in Faryab.

A government convoy which was on way to Maimana from Ghormach was attacked by Taliban in the Chechkato area. Informed sources in Faryab told AIP that bomb explosions also occurred during the ensuing clash, hurdling the movement of the convoy. The source said airstrikes targeted Taliban in different places.

Taliban spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousaf Ahmadi said the troops they had surrounded withdrew from a base and nine outposts and the district was captured by Taliban completely.

He said the troops who were on way to Qaisaar from Ghormach district were attacked by Taliban in the Chechkato area of Qaisaar district and the ensuing fighting continued.

Taliban sources in Faryab said numerous government troops were killed and wounded while 15 more were captured by after the clash.

He said the Taliban also destroyed 10 government vehicles, adding a Taliban fighter was killed and two more wounded in airstrikes.

Taliban have huge influence in the troubled Ghormach district which was also seized by Taliban last year and again seized it Monday morning after the government forces withdrew from the district centre.

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