Girls call to reopen schools as new academic year approaches

KABUL (TOLOnews): Students are calling for the reopening of girls’ schools as the new academic year approaches. The students said that continuing to deny females access to education would result in serious problems for them, and they asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen grades 7-12 for girls in the upcoming academic year. “I ask the Islamic Emirate to put an end to this issue, we have made many preparations for the next academic year,” said Farhat, a student.
“There are 23 days remaining until the start of the new academic year, and schools will resume next month following the winter break. We ask them to reopen our schools,” he said.
Some teachers said that they are prepared to teach in the upcoming academic year–both girls and boys– because they consider that women’s education is essential to the advancement and prosperity of the country. “We ask the Islamic Emirate and the Amirul-Muminin to reopen schools for our sisters as soon as possible,” said Nasibullah Patan, a teacher.
“Don’t deprive them of the right to education, so Afghan girls will be able to continue their studies again,” said Murtaza, a tutor at one of the Kabul province educational centers.
Meanwhile, Kabul residents asked the current government to allow female students to go to school along with the boys in the new academic year.
“An uneducated person is blind, but a literate person has sight and can see everything,” said Gulzad, a resident of Kabul.
“The Islamic Emirate should allow both girls and boys to study, according to the religion of Islam and the will of Islam,” said Zalmay, a resident of Kabul.
It has been two years since the Islamic Emirate was reestablished in Afghanistan, and females are still waiting for the reopening of their schools.
In the next 23 days, the new academic year is expected to begin. However, the caretaker government has not yet decided about the reopening of girls’ schools.