Google Duo now lets you send photos to contacts

Google Duo now lets you send photos to contacts

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NEW YORK: Google Duo was primarily introduced as a video calling app but over time, it has picked up many messaging features. Back in March, Google rolled out the video messaging feature to send recorded messages to up to five users at a time and last month, it was further improved with options to customize video messages with text, emojis, and caricatures. Now, Google Duo is receiving the ability to send photo messages to contacts.

With the update to version 56 of Google Duo, the app starts appearing on the sharing carousel or cards, depending on the app and Android skin you’re using. Tapping you on the Duo icon takes you to an editing screen where you can add text and drawings to the image. Unlike Snapchat or Instagram, there’s just one font for the text but there’s a host of colors to choose from. The drawing tools, on the other hand, include two tip sizes for the pen as well as a highlighter with options for the different colors. The next screen allows sending the same image to up to 5 users at once.

We don’t see an option to send photo messages directly from within Duo but it should be integrated soon. In contrast, Duo is not available in the sharing carousel for videos in spite of support for video messages.

While the receiver gets a notification every time they receive a photo, the message also appears on their pre-call screen. When the message is reviewed, the recipient will have the options for “Call now” and “Reply.” Notably, the photo message is only visible for the next 24 hours and will be deleted automatically after the time elapses. Just like video messages, recipients can also save or delete the photo message.

After voice, video, and now photo messages, it is possible that Google adds the option to send text via Duo – especially since it recently killed off its messaging app Allo. Meanwhile, Google has finally started rolling out RCS messaging via Messages for a rich multimedia messages experience through its stock SMS app, so, our expectations may not mature.

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