Google threatens to remove all Danish music from Youtube over copyright issues

Google threatens to remove all Danish music from Youtube over copyright issues

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Danish music may become unavailable on Youtube unless Google and Koda, the Danish copyright organisation, enter an agreement before Saturday night.

Google may remove all Danish music from its video service Youtube due to copyright issues with the Danish copyright organisation Koda.

The background is a protracted several-year dispute where Google and Koda have been unable to agree on how the organisation’s members should be compensated when their music is played on Youtube.

According to Koda, Youtube wanted the remuneration of composers and songwriters to be slashed by 70 percent, which Koda did not agree to. Then Google should have decided that Koda’s members will no longer have their content streamed on the service.

“Of course, Google is well aware that they can create enormous frustration both for our members, by denying them access to Youtube, and the many Danes who use Youtube daily. In this way, Youtube hopes to be able to push through an agreement where they can dictate all terms”, Koda media director Kaare Struve said in a statement.

Struve accused Google of always having an “our way or the highway” strategy, suggesting that this is a low point, even for Google.

“When the Danish music disappears from Youtube, a big pipe for the Danes will become closed. It will mean a lot to the Danish music industry” Struve mused.

According to Google, however, Koda is demanding too much money for the use of Danish music on Youtube.

“Koda asks for significantly more than what we pay our other partners around the world, and we believe this is not fair to our other partners and content creators,” Dan Chalmers, director of YouTube Music in Europe, told Danish Radio.

If the parties fail to agree, Dan Chalmers believes that there is nothing left but to shut down the music. Danish music will become unavailable on the Youtube unless Google and Koda enter an agreement before Saturday night.

“Without a license, we are not able to make the content available in Denmark,” Chalmers warned.

Google and Koda have been negotiating a new deal since April, when the current deal expired. The agreement has since been temporarily extended while they negotiate a new one, but now Google is saying stop.

Koda has been working on a joint Nordic agreement, which will replace the local agreements of the Norwegian, Finnish and Danish composers and songwriting companies.

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