Google’s New Year doodle is the best way to start 2019

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ISLAMABAD: Google’s Doodle is a permanent feature to mark anniversaries, birthdays and other important events globally. The tech giant ended the year 2018 with a doodle showing two purple baby elephants playing.

In order to mark the beginning of 2019, Google’s new Doodle shows the animals playing at a party with balloons.

“Well, it’s time to call out the elephant(s) in the room: it’s out with the old and in with the new! Here’s to a bright year ahead,” Google shared on January 1.

The wall above the elephants is decorated with festoons and a clock striking midnight symbolising New Year 2019.

The same cartoons were used by the search engine in a festive doodle tossing balloons and munching popcorn, to signify the New Year’s Eve yesterday (December 31).

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