Gordon Ramsey under fire for saying he ‘can’t stand’ people of Cornwall

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LONDON: Gordon Ramsey is being heavily criticised for joking that he can’t stand Cornish people.

The famous British chef is making headlines after being accused of ‘hate crime’ for angering his neighbours; he owns a property on the Cornish coast.

During an appearance on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, the 55-year-old had said, “Trust me, I absolutely love Cornwall, it’s just the Cornish I can’t stand.”

When he was questioned by stand-in host Vernon Kay, Ramsey refused to apologise and said, “I promise I did mean it.”

Following the comment, Dick Cole – the leader of Cornish nationalist party Mebyon Kernow, stated “I am really disappointed to hear Gordon Ramsay’s divisive comments and his lack of respect for the Cornish people.”

“It is shocking he deems it OK to make such a statement that he’d presumably not make about other national or ethnic groups. I sincerely hope he will reflect on his words and apologise,” he added.

After the backlash, a spokesman for Ramsey issued an statement to The Sun: “Gordon has made these tongue-in-cheek comments many, many times. Always, very clearly, said in good humour and seen that way by the majority.”