Government increases price of petrol by 2.95 per liter

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government on January 15th has approved further increase in the petroleum prices. The new prices will be applicable from midnight.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved increase in the petroleum prices and this is second increase in January 2021.

According to the government souces, an increase of about 3.20 rupees per liter was allowed in petrol, high speed diesel 2.95 rupees per liter, Kerosene oil three rupees per liter, and light diesel 4.42 per liter. Not only this, the price of 23 other essential items has increased whereas the price of 21 items has remained constant in the last week.

Digging into the details, the prices which recorded decrease in their average prices, included eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, chicken, electricity charges and LPG Cylinder.

The commodities, which recorded increase in their average prices, included bananas, chillies, sugar, vegetable ghee (loose), mustard oil, veegetalbe ghee (tin), match box, cooking oil (loose), long cloth, shirting, moong pulse, firewood, rice (Irri-6/9), mutton, gur, masoor pulse, wheat flour, toilet soap, rice (Basmat broken), gram pulse, mash pulse, garlic and cooked daal.

Similarly, the prices of the commodities that remained constant during the week under review included bread, beef, milk fresh, curd, milk (powdered), salt, tea (packet), cooked beef, tea (prepared), cigarettes, lawn, georgette, gents sandal, gas charges, energy saver, washing soap.