Government policies and accountability of influential

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Former Prime Minister and a senior leader of the ruling PML-N, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the coalition government is planning to form a commission to probe the wrong decisions taken by the former government which led to massive losses in the petroleum sector and plunged the nation into an economic upheaval. Abbasi claimed that the commission’s investigation would be open to the public, and the reasons for the increase in circular debt will be bought forward.

The public wonders about the truth because the PTI government has been accusing its predecessors PPP and PML-N governments of corruption and mismanagement while the current coalition government is leveling the same charges against the supporters of Riasat-e- Madina. The ever-rising inflation had rocked Pakistani society and every citizen of the country has hit severely irrespective of his financial position, class, profession, or business. Neither any past government including the PTI regime nor the incumbent coalition government succeeded in putting a check on this monster. In fact, the power division and Ministery of Energy had made reckless and irresponsible decisions in the purchase of LNG, and thermal oil last year, which further aggravated the energy crisis. Former Energy Ministers and Advisors committed a grave crime against the nation when they did not purchase oil at reduced rates during the COVID-19 pandemic while the whole nation was demanding to conclude and they bought LNG on spot contracts instead of long-term contracts, which proved to be disastrous for the national economy. However, later government officials accepted their mistakes at public forums.

Although, there was no such tradition of accountability for unjudicial and wrong decision-making by the Ministers which had been intentionally made by the influential to satisfy their hidden interests. However, any such transparent, open to the public, and on-camera hearing that identifies the mismanagement of the leaders and paves the path for the accountability of influential will be welcome by the public. In fact, there should be an accountability of the leaders, and dishonesty must be censured and penalized so, that every Minister and each advisor thinks several times before a foil play.

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