Government schools teachers demand increment

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some school teachers in capital Kabul said their current salary was not enough for their monthly expensive and asked the government for the increment.
They said government often assured them increase in their salaries but these assurances never turned reality.
Pajhwok Afghan News launched a new program titled ‘Voice of People’ amid at conveying the demands and suggestion of people to the country’ leadership.
Of the hundreds of demands sent to Pajhwok Afghan News was increased in the salaries of government schools teachers on which a detail report had been written.
Natasha Afzali, one of the teachers in Kabul, said she got 7,000 afs salary monthly and this salary was not enough for her to pay house rent, electricity and water charges.
“We pay rent for the house, my husband has no work and this salary is not enough for our house rent and electricity charges,” she said.
“We want serious attention to be paid to the problems faced by teachers, the doors of schools should be opened so that teachers are able to resolve some of their problems,” she said.
Mujeeba Sarwari, one of the teachers in the Chahal Dokhtaran High School, said in current circumstances the salary she got was not enough for her expenses.
She said food prices had increased and with this salary she could not support her family.
She added monthly she got 9,000 afs salary and it was given to her on the bases of her qualification.
She asked the acting government to consider increase in the teachers’ salaries besides focusing on uniform, its color and other issues.
Another teacher who wished not to be named said that she is graduate and took monthly 8,500 afs salary.
She demanded increase in the salary of teacher and stressed school and university teachers should get the same salary.
Nadia Raoufi, another school teacher from the Sar-i-Kotal area of Khirkhana, told Pajhwok Afghan News due to low salary they were facing problems in their life.
Referring to the classes in her school said the classes depended on the number of available teachers in a school.
She said the amount of salary was linked with the qualification and there was need for government to take step for the increase of teachers salaries.
Education ministry declined to comment about the problems faced by teachers due to their economic problems.
But Finance Ministry Spokesperson Ahmad Wali Haqmal told Pajhwok Afghan News a commission was functional that deal with the salary increase and new recruitment related issues.
He said representatives from ministries and other institutions were present in the Commission and it would decide about the increase or decreased in the civil servants salaries.
He said if the salaries hike issue was brought to the table then there would be discussion about it.
Education Activist Sorya Yousufi said that teachers were an essential segment of society but they are considered to be the low income persons.
She said low salary, increase in the classes and the lack of promotion created anxity among teaches and it would have a negative impact on them.
This comes that in March the Ministry of Higher Education announced up to 56 percent increase in the salaries of university teachers keeping in mind their educational qualification.