Raza Rabbani

Govt continues with anti-labour policy: Raza Rabbani

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The PIA management in particular its CEO have not reconciled to the result of the referendum held recently.

It will be recalled that immediately after the combined opposition led by Peoples Unity won the referendum, the CEO called the Rangers to the Head Office. Now in an attempt to discourage the newly elected CBA, the PIA management is deliberately delaying salaries in particular to the lower staff.

The present government continues with its anti-labour policy and in the recent budget they have not provided any relief for the working class. The minimum wage and pension remain the same.

This government represents big business, corporate class and the banking sector, therefore, it does not realize that with the tremendous price hike, the non-payment of wages literally means to strangulating the working class.

I demand from the PIA management to immediately release the salaries of the PIA employees and not hide behind lame excuses.

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