Govt employees and rule of law

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The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the federal and all four provincial governments to submit details regarding government residences. A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by the Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case regarding alleged illegal allotments of government residences. During the hearing, the Chief Justice expressed annoyance over the Sindh government for providing housing data of only Karachi City instead of the whole province. While responding to the court inquiry about the allotment policy for government housing in Sindh, the Secretary Housing Sindh said that the government houses are being allotted only to secretariat employees in the province because only 600 houses are available with the government so far. The court also sought details of all residences from other provinces including the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In fact, the problem of allotment of government houses is a years old issue which emerged during recent years when government institutions stopped fulfilling their primary responsibilities only due to nepotism or on the pressure of civilian bureaucrats and Politicians. The government authorities allow their blue eyed extra constitutional facilities in the name of welfare which encourages other employees to follow the discourse. The guilty conscious bureaucrats cannot sue other law abusers and the problem continues over the years.

According to reports, government officials are habitual of renting their state-owned government houses to unauthorized civilian public and constructing private buildings through encroachment on adjacent land. Thousands of government employees do not vacate government accommodation for years after their retirement. Realistically, it is the fault of the department which deals in allotment of the government houses that after expiry of authorization clear the house from the occupants which are no longer entitled to reside in the accommodation. If occupants do not cooperate, initiate legal process for vacation of the residence. However, concerned officials must be held responsible for his failure/ slackness in fulfillment of his duties. Apparently, the government employees should be more obedient to the law and constitution, but we have different standards from the world. However, the prevailing situation is less likely to improve in the absence of harsh implementation of the law.

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