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Govt needs stronger anti-corruption measures

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KABUL: Sarwar Danish, Afghanistan’s second vice president, addressed a gathering on Monday– International Anti-Corruption Day– and said: “Despite some achievements, we have not been completely successful in fighting against corruption.”

“The government needs to appoint “clean” people as leaders in every organization in order to fight corruption,” Danish said, adding: “Outside the government we also need strong organizations to fight against corruption.”

“We need strong financial controls in government organizations – especially in financial departments — to stop corruption,” Danish said.

He believes that the media “can also play a key role in fighting against corruption with investigative reporting and disclosing information. They are doing it but we need more.” “Registration of a government employee’s property–and monitoring–are very important,” he said. “We need to ask government officials about where they earn their property. If we do this the corruption will end at the government organizations.” The government must improve the living conditions of government employees if it wants to stop corruption, he added.

In the meantime, UNAMA in a statement on Monday said that the UN “reiterates its support” for Afghanistan’s initiatives to fight corruption, and acknowledges steps made to “challenge impunity.”

“The UN welcomes the legislative, policy and institutional improvements that strengthen Afghanistan’s framework to fight corruption,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.

“However, corruption continues to affect Afghan citizens’ daily lives and erode public confidence in government institutions; it is therefore crucial to focus now on implementing the laws and holding to account those who break them to demonstrate resolve to counter corruption,” he said.

The statement also said that the UN acknowledges the “difficult security situation in which judges and prosecutors operate” and condemns targeted killing of justice officials. “Outstanding arrest warrants and summonses related to corruption investigations, along with corresponding travel bans, are yet to be enforced. And many convicts have yet to be arrested to serve their sentences,” according to the statement. (TOLOnews)

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